Our Aim

HQ9 aims to create a platform for aspiring Rugby League players to showcase themselves to the professional clubs. Far too many people rely on Luck or chance to be seen by the Rugby League world. Every one should have an equal opportunity of fulfilling their dreams no matter who they are or where they live. With HQ9 you are putting yourself in the shop window to be seen and eliminating the Luck & Chance factor.

Our Mission

HQ9’s mission is to create a larger pool of players for the pro clubs to choose from i.e giving players hope and keeping them in our game longer and not going down the wrong paths in life. Also creating a platform that Clubs/Scouts can search for players that have since been logistically inaccessible at the click of a button. HQ9 is eliminating all barriers within Rugby League and making it easier for players to fulfil their dreams of one day being a Rugby League star

Friends of HQ9

We're very lucky to be supported, partnered and friends with some great brands and companies here at HQ9. To find out how we can work together, please get in touch from the contact page for more information