About us

HQ9 is a player profiling website that enables the next generation of future rugby stars to have an online profile page in which to showcase their sporting talents and attributes to the world of rugby league. It also gives the late developers a shot at fulfilling their dreams that maybe they had thought had passed them by i.e University, College & Conference players. It gives the professional clubs access to scout for players that are logistically inaccessible to reach.

You can upload video highlights via YouTube which will then be updated on your profile page. Included in your profile page (all optional) will be your vital statistics, previous Rep honours, position you play, statement from your current coach and your aims/goals.

HQ9 will be used by all levels of professional rugby league from Super League to the Championship giving you a better chance of breaking into the game you love.

HQ9 is a secure network, the only personnel that can view your/your child’s profile is the representatives from the pro clubs that have signed up to use the system. Everybody using the site has been DBS checked including myself (Shaun Lunt, Hull Kingston Rovers/England).

If you have any queries regarding DBS and the personnel viewing your child’s profile, please contact COLETTE EDEN, Lead Safeguarding Officer at the Rugby Football League (RFL) on colette.eden@rfl.uk.com

The cost of creating a profile is £9 per month, you will receive  1 month free. So the cost of the subscription is £99 per year. The payment is due in full on a yearly basis.

You have to be 12 years old or over to create a profile.

“Do YOU/YOUR CHILD have what it takes to be the next Future Sports Star?”