Subscription Service for Players Under the Age of 18

If you are a player under the age of 18, you must ask a parent or legal guardian to enter into any subscription on your behalf. The subscription will then form a contract between us and both you and the parent or guardian who enters into it on your behalf.

To the parent or guardian entering into the subscription: if you wish to enter into a subscription for a player under the age of 18 years, you must be the parent or legal guardian of the player and by entering into the subscription you confirm to us and agree with us so that these confirmations and agreements form part of the contract between you and the player and us that:

  1. You are the parent or legal guardian of the player and are acting in the player’s best interests;
  2. You are entering into the subscription on your own behalf and on behalf of the player, and the contract with us shall therefore apply both to you and to the player as if the player had entered into the contract on his/her own behalf, so that the terms of the contract are binding upon both you and the player;
  3. You have taken all reasonable care in entering into the contract with us for yourself and for the player, and that you are satisfied that it is in the player’s best interests to enter into the contract with us;
  4. The player knows and understands that you are entering into the subscription on your own behalf and his or her behalf and has confirmed that he/she wishes you to do so;
  5. You have the player’s permission and agreement to enter into the contract with us on his/her behalf and to agree to all the terms of the contract on his/her behalf;
  6. You agree that where any reference is made in our terms as set out in the documents referred to above to “you” that reference shall mean a reference both to you and to the player;
  7. You agree that any information, video footage, photography or other material you upload to our site as part of your subscription taking effect under the contract with us
  8. Will comply with all the terms of the contract, including but not limited to our Acceptable Use Policy;
  9. Will be material of which you are the author or material which the author has specifically authorised you to upload to our site;
  10. (without limiting the effect of (b) above), where any photography or footage is uploaded to our site, that photography or footage was taken with the clear and specific consent of any persons depicted in it and/or with the specific consent or authorisation of the organiser of any event depicted in it;
  11. You understand that we can give absolutely no guarantee as to any outcome of the subscription. We cannot guarantee success of any kind. We therefore do not promise to deliver any specific outcome or results from your subscription. We simply offer the services described and we do not seek to make any promises we cannot deliver.
  12. You understand that the service we offer under this subscription is offered on a twelve monthly basis as we believe that it is only over a timescale like this that we can deliver the service to you in a way that provides the value we seek to deliver. We offer you the right to terminate your subscription and the contract between us on three months’ notice in addition to your other rights set out in our terms as referred to above; and
  13. You understand that you will therefore apply using the forms provided on our site to enter into a subscription and will make any and all payment required. This is your application. We will then consider your application in good faith and respond to you on it. Only when we have accepted your application will the contract be formed between you and us in accordance with our terms as referred to above. We consider all applications received by us in good faith and in accordance with our Equal Opportunities Policy but we reserve the right to accept or decline your application at our absolute discretion and will not enter into any correspondence on the subject of any application we have declined.

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