About us

HQNINE is a player profiling website that enables the next generation of future sporting stars to have an online profile page in which to showcase their sporting talents and attributes to the athletic world.

It also gives late developers a shot at fulfilling their dreams and gives professional clubs access to scout for players that are logistically inaccessible to reach.

You can upload video highlights via YouTube which will then be updated on your profile page. Included in your profile page, you will have the option to display you vital statistics, position you play, statement from your current coach and your aims/goals.

HQNINE is designed to be used by all levels of professional sporting players, giving you a chance of breaking into the game you love.

HQNINE is a secure network; the only personnel that can view you/your child’s profile is the representatives from the pro clubs that have signed up to use the system and all coaches must be DBS checked to view an athletes profile who is under 18. Everybody using the site has been DBS checked including the founder, Shaun Lunt.

If you have any queries regarding DBS and the personnel viewing your child’s profile, please contact Colette Eden, Lead Safeguarding Officer at the Rugby Football League (RFL) at [email protected]

The cost of creating a profile is £99 per year. The payment is due in full on a yearly basis.

Please note, rugby athletes must be 12 years old or over to create a profile.

Our Mission

HQNINE is set to become a platform of choice that clubs and scouts can use to search for players that have been previously logistically inaccessible but are now available at the click of a button. We are eliminating all barriers within the sports industry, making it easier for athletes to fulfil their dreams of one day being a sporting star.

Andy Kelly


Andy Kelly
Huddersfield Giants
DBS Checked

What do you look for in players?

A solid tactical and technical understanding of the game, supported by good behavioural skills. A player's ability needs to have a good family support network and be matched with courage and desire.


I think that HQNINE will prove to be a great recruitment tool for clubs to support the existing talent identification systems they already have in place.

A one stop shop for players to put their game photos, clips and profiles on, and where clubs can search, research and discover latent talent that meets the needs and gaps required for their clubs.

Phil Jones
Warrington Wolves
DBS Checked

What do you look for in players?

I am looking for a player who is prepared to challenge themselves and try to find different methods of being successful on the pitch. I need someone who is prepared to work hard at all parts of their game and put practice into developing their skills.

Finally they need to be able to self reflect and know their own strengths and weaknesses and be prepared to offer opinions on how they can improve.


There are potential 1st grade players in all parts of the UK playing Rugby League and in all divisions; not every player can be observed by a professional club and HQNINE is providing another opportunity for players to showcase their skills and tactical understanding to staff at super league clubs.

Garreth Carvell
Salford Red Devils
DBS Checked

What do you look for in players?

Good basic skill, high work rate, positive attitude, team player and puts 100% effort into everything.


The future of rugby league depends on young talent to push through to the top. The talent pool isn’t huge in rugby league, so a tool like this will enable me and my staff to see potential players that otherwise may have been off our radar. Scouts generally stick to a certain area around their club, therefore this system will allow us to expand our search and get talent from absolutely anywhere in the country.

The youth development system has been crying out for a system like HQNINE. Now its here I’m looking forward to seeing talent from all over the country and unearthing a star.