Identifying talent in sport

Identifying talent in sport

Talent identification is an ongoing process for coaches and takes place amongst all levels, age groups and sports. Coaches will generally make predictions on a players future based on their current physical, technical, tactical and psychological qualities which then leads to talent selection. In essence, talent identification is the process of coaches recognising the potential in athletes and HQNINE has made this process a lot easier by designing an online system where coaches can find potential athletes to join their team.

HQNINE ensures coaches are able to cut down on the number of hours they spend searching for players with an easy to use filter system, allowing coaches to find athletes by sport type, gender, age, position played and location of the athlete. Once they have narrowed their search, each profile indicates the athletes height and weight, includes a biography and the athletes career history, allowing coaches to make a full assessment of the athlete before getting in touch.

Coaches have previously spent hours watching athletes playing in matches and reading up on player performances as part of their talent identification, but with HQNINE’s innovative new filter system, coaches are able to find talent effortlessly. Once scouts have used the filter system on HQNINE’s website, the main questions coaches must ask themselves to ensure they have secured the right athlete for their team include:

All HQNINE athletes must remember to answer these questions in their biography to ensure coaches gain an understanding of their dedication to their sport and increase their chances of coaches getting in touch. With the click of a button, coaches can get in touch with athletes to find out more about them, making the communication process a lot easier.

HQNINE’s aim is to create a platform where clubs and scouts can search for players that have previously been logistically inaccessible at the click of a button, making it easier and simpler to find the right athletes. At only £99 a year for athletes to register and a free open access pass for coaches, this innovative way of coaches identifying their future athletes will make the process quicker and subsequently bring in more athletes for coaches to choose from.

With cheap fees and an easy set-up, why not register at Remember, you make your own luck.